Romania - Sibiu

Home of the Red Bull Romaniacs

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Sibiu / 5 or 8 days / May - October / medium - hard / from € 650

Experience how tough hard Enduro really is. Available as 8 day tour or 5 day short trip.

Riding / Level

Sibiu has the best hard Enduro tracks in the world. On this tour we'll be riding the tracks used in the Red Bull Romaniacs and our tour guides will show you the best points in the rally. But there's more to Sibiu than the racing though, check out the incredibly beautiful mountain scenery and the amazing climbs and downhills that'll take your breath away. The only limiting factors are you, your fitness and the fuel in your tank. This is an experience every Enduro rider should have at least once in their lives! Sibiu is real hard Enduro!


Sibiu is at the same geographical height as Milan and offers moderate temperatures and weather conditions all year round.


The Full Tour is 8 days duration with 5 riding days and one rest day. The Short Tour is 5 days duration with 3 riding days without a rest day.

Social Life

In the evenings we will have dinner at the best restaurants in Sibiu, and afterwards there are lots of inviting pubs for anyone with energy left to spare. The free day invites participants to do whatever they like.


Airport Sibiu (15 min. transfer). Airport Bucharest (approximate 4 hours transfer, not included). Arriving by car over the highway also a viable option.

Hotel / Food / Family

We will be staying at the Hotel IBIS*** in the center of Sibiu. The restaurants offer traditional Romanian as well as International and Italian cuisine. This tour is suitable for traveling companions.

Package includes

  • Tour manager.
  • For each riding level we offer its own group, so nobody is overloaded and everybody get a maximum of Enduro riding.
  • 8 tour days with 5 riding days and 1 rest day, 7 overnight stays with breakfast and dinner.
  • Short trip with 5 tour days and 3 riding days, 4 overnight stays with breakfast and dinner.
  • Mechanic service is available for privately owned bikes.
  • Diploma and small present.

Not included

Individual arrival and departure, motorbike, lunch, drinks, personal insurance, travel cancellation cover.

Motorbike Rental

On this tour rental bikes are available. The rental price includes a CDW insurance which covers all damages over 500 EUR (deductible). An option to reduce the deductible of up to 500 EUR to 0 EUR is offered.

Payment by installments

Book now and pay comfortably in installments. If the time of your booking allows at least 2 installments we offer the payment of the tour price by installments. (down payment of 200 EUR and the rest in monthly installments which are collected automatically from your credit card on the 15th of each month)


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