The Red Bull Sea To Sky LIVE.

The most enjoyable race of the world. Close up and personal with the pro riders at Sea To Sky. Ride in the beautiful mountains round Antalya, then in the evening you can jump into the pool in our 5* hotel.

You stay in the same hotel like the riders.


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8 day tour:

  • 7 overnight stays with breakfast included, 5* hotels, in Kemer all inclusive.
  • 3 days in Antalya, 5 days in Kemer
  • 5 days of Enduro riding
  • Rental bike with fuel and mechanic service
  • Riding level adjusted to the group
  • All-round service with top guides

The Red Bull Sea To Sky live.
September / 8 day all inclusive trip / € 1.550

Important notice:
Only 12 tour palces available!

Riding / Level

The mountains in the region Antalya offer excellent hard enduro tracks. You should be at least a medium level rider to can enjoy these hard, exhausting and challenging tracks starting at sea level and finishing at 2000 meters and more with beautiful outlooks to the sea and the city of Antalya.


Perfect weather condition in September in Antalya guaranteed.


This tour has 8 tour days with 5 riding days and 1 rest day.

Arrival on Sunday at the Airport of Antalya (12 km from our hotel).

Monday and Tuesday we ride tour in the mountains of Antalya. On Wednesday we ride over the mountains from Antalya to Kemer and watch in the late afternoon the final of the prolog of the Red Bull Sea To Sky.

On  Thursday and Friday we ride tours in Kemer and meet the racers at spectator points

On Saturday we go with the cable car up to the top of the Mount Olymp in 2.365 meter above sea level and wait for the winner of the race.

Departure on Sunday from Antalya airport (40 km from Kemer).

Social Life

Antalya offers a very nice old town with a bazaar, coffee and tea houses and excellent restaurants. There are a lot of old venues in the region, you find the biggest tunnel aquarium and in Belek they opened recently the Land of Legends, a sensational nice water park.


Airport Antalya with very affordable daily connections to the whole world. We do not include the airport transfer into the tour to give you maximum flexibility in booking your flights. You take one of the yellow taxi at the airport which brings you for 10-15 EUR to the hotel. The taxi from Kemer to the airpot costs approx. 25 EUR. Taxi in Turkey are modern and safe.

Hotel / Food / Family

In the first part of the tour we stay in a 5* hotel at the beach of Antalya with breakfast included. In the evenings you organise yourself choosing one of the plenty options of restaurants at the beach, in the old city or you spend the evening in the SPA of the 5* hotel.

The second part of the week we stay in the Race HQ hotel with an all inclusive arrangement (food and drinks). This tour is ideal for traveling companions.

Package includes

  • Tour manager.
  • For each riding level we offer its own group, so nobody is overloaded and everybody get a maximum of Enduro riding.
  • 8 tour days with 5 riding days, 7 overnight stays with breakfast (5 nights all inclusive)
  • Motorbike rental of latest Husqvarna models in top condition and top serviced.
  • Mechanic service in the morning, at lunch (where the service car can access) and after the riding.
  • Diploma and small present.

Not included

Individual arrival and departure, airport transfer, full cover CDW for the motorbike, lunch, dinner, drinks (in Kemer all inclusive), personal insurance, travel cancellation cover.

Motorbike Rental

On this tour rental bikes are in the tour price included. The rental agreement includes a CDW insurance which covers all damages over 500 EUR (deductible). An option to reduce the deductible of up to 500 EUR to 0 EUR is offered (full comver CDW)

Payment by installments

Book now and pay comfortably in installments. If the time of your booking allows at least 2 installments we offer the payment of the tour price by installments. (down payment of 200 EUR and the rest in monthly installments which are collected automatically from your credit card on the 15th of each month)

Important notice:
Only 12 tour palces available!


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