RENTAL BIKE Red Bull Romaniacs

The worlds toughest Hard Enduro Race.

RideXpower gives you the technical start you need to compete in the world's toughest Enduro race. All bikes are KTM / Husqvarna 2 and 4 stroke models in ready to race condition. The Red Bull Romaniacs is technically a very challenging race in which the performance of the bike itself is secondary to the skills of the rider.

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Provision of bikes

You can collect your bike (it comes with a full tank) at the RideXpower area in the riders' base from Monday before the race. That will give you plenty of time for the technical check and for us to assist in setting up the bike the way you like it. Then you can start with the preparation for the race. The rental price covers the provision of the bike with a full tank of petrol and normal wear and tear on the bike. The bikes need to be returned washed to the riders' base once you've crossed the finish line. The bike has new tires and reinforced tubes. Broken parts and damaged plastic parts will be invoiced to you. Labour for the replacements is included in the rental price. 

Mechanics service

You can book the RideXpower mechanic service at the same time as you book your race bike. The race service is also bookable for your own bike. You will be allocated your own mechanic, who will be responsible for your bike throughout the race and who will always be available to support you. During the race we will service your bike at the designated service checkpoints. We will contact you personally to agree with you the details of your preferred service.

Rental / service period

5 days from Tuesday to Saturday.

Setup of the bike on Monday (use for riding as option available) and return on Saturday after the race.

Package includes

  • KTM / Husqvarna Models.
  • Ready to race.
  • Professional Mechanics team prepares the bike for the race.
  • Daily service (option with mechanic service)
  • New tires and reinforced tubes.
  • Full tank.

Not included

Tires, tire fitting (10€ per tire), broken parts and plastics.


The Ride Xpower Race Shuttle picks you up on Friday July 27 at the finish line and shuttles you on Saturday moringe again to the start. On the first offroad day and during the biwag nights no shuttle is needed as the start / finish is at the paddock. On Saturday its more convienient for you to take the bike and ride back from the final hillclimb as you need to wait until the end of the race until the shuttle can leave the area while you can take by bike a direct way offroad. The shuttle is 190€.

Bike rental includes:

  • All bikes are injection models (TPI)
  • Ready to race (rallye guards, skid plate with exhaust guard, FAN)
  • Full gas tank
  • New Enduro tires with reinforced tubes
  • Tire and mousse offers available
  • All-round service with top mechanics

Bike rental from 1.790€ / Race service from 590€ / Rental period Tuesday July 24 - Saturday July 28

Warmup ride on Sunday includes 5 liter Gas at the lunch point, on Monday you need no extra fuel.

Race photos:

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Watch the tour video:

Warmup RideS

RideXpower offers in cooperation with Red Bull Romaniacs on Sunday and Monday before the race a warmup ride. Please note that riders riding outside this official warmup ride will be disqualified at the race.

For those who are interested we offer to play you the GPS data of the warmup ride on your device and assist you during riding how to navigate. Please make in the message box at the registration a remark "GPS data" and be at 9.30 at the start.

Sunday 10 am - 6 pm, 65 EUR

A relaxing 185 km full day ride from Sibiu to North through old oak forests to the old fortified church of Biertan where we take lunch (not included) and back to Sibiu. Start in the paddock at the RideXpower race service. We provide 5 liter of fuel at the lunch point (included).

Monday 10 am - 2 pm, 25 EUR

A relaxing 80 km half day ride over the hills in the East of Sibiu being back round 2 pm giving you the time to do your registration and to setup your bike for the race. Start in the paddock at the RideXpower race service. You need no refuelling of your bike.


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