Rental bike SEA TO SKY

The most enjoyable Extrem Enduro Race.

RideXpower gives you the technical start you need to compete in the enduro race up the Mount Olympus. All bikes are KTM / Husqvarna 2 and 4 stroke models in ready to race condition. Red Bull Sea To Sky is technically a very challenging race in which the performance of the bike itself is secondary to the skills of the rider

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Bike rental includes:

  • All bikes are injection models (TPI)
  • Ready to race (rallye guards, skid plate with exhaust guard,, FAN)
  • Full gas tank
  • New Enduro tires with reinforced tubes
  • Tire and mousse offers available
  • All-round service with top mechanics

Bike rental from 990€ / Race service from 590€ / Rental period Wed to Sat September 26 - 29

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Race photos: by Actiongrapher

WarmUp Ride on Monday

We organize on Monday a full day ride from the paddock over the mountains to Antalya. On the way back we go up the Mount Olymp where on Saturday the winner of Sea To Sky will be awaited. Tourstart 10 am in the paddock, return approx. 17 pm.

This ride is a self guides tour, for those who like to ride after GPS we play you the track on your device and you ride in groups. All others ride behind the guide. In Antalya we stop in typical local restaurant in the mountains for a lunch wich is included..For  Carburettor bikes we provide at the lunch point fuel for 10 EUR. 

Ride before the race a 2 day tour


Take your race bike and ride 2 days before the race. We offer you a package of 2 days guided riding with accommodation of 3 nights on the beach of Antalya and in Kemer. You get used of the terrain and enjoy in the evening the old town of Antalya for dinner. 

You arriv on Saturday, ride Sunday in Antalya and on Monday you ride over the mountains on the backside of the mount Olymp up to the top where the Mountain Race finishes on Saturday and down to Antalya. You luggage will be transported the 30 km from Antalya to kemer where the race will happen.

The tour price of 595€ includes bike for 2 days, gas and accommodation for 3 nights in a 4*/5* hotel.

Provision of bikes

You can collect your bike (it comes with a full tank) at the RideXpower area in the riders' base from Tuesday before the race. That will give you plenty of time for the technical check and for us to assist in setting up the bike the way you like it. Then you can start with the preparation for the race. The rental price covers the provision of the bike with a full tank of petrol and normal wear and tear on the bike. The bikes need to be returned washed to the riders' base once you've crossed the finish line. The bike has new tyires and reinforced tubes. Broken parts and damaged plastic parts will be invoiced to you. Labour for the replacements is included in the rental price. 

Mechanics service

You can book the RideXpower mechanic service at the same time as you book your race bike. The race service is also bookable for your own bike. We will contact you personally to agree with you the details of your preferred service.

Rental / service period

4 days from Wednest 26 to Saturday 29 of September.

Package includes

  • KTM / Husqvarna Models.
  • Ready to race.
  • Professional Mechanics team prepares the bike for the race.
  • Daily service (option with mechanic service)
  • New tires and reinforced tubes.
  • Full tank.

Not included

Tires, tire fitting (10€ per tire), broken parts and plastics


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