Winnetou Land 

On the traps of Winnetour and Old Shatterhad.

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Bosnia / July / 6 days / easy - medium - hard / € 595

This tour really takes us into a world reminiscent of Old Shatterhand and Winnetou. The beauty of the landscape overwhelms you from the first moment.

Riding / Level

The day tours offer everything that makes the Enduro heart beat faster, and the terrain of this country is equal in every way to Romania. The motorcycles are securely parked at the guest house. The motorcycles can be washed not far from the guest house on the last day of the tour.


The weather condition in Bosnia are in July - August very moderate.


6 days.

Social Life

On this tour Enduro riding and sitting together in a group is in the foreground. The little city offers nice restaurants and cafés or you sit together in the guest house.


Airport Sarajevo, (transfer of approximately 2 hours, not included, approximately 100 EUR per car for 3 persons) Arrival by car is a viable option.

Hotel / Food / Family

We stay in a very clean guest house, and this authentic small town has a very relaxed atmosphere. You will find everything you need here, but nothing more. There is still much that bears witness to the last Balkan war. In the evening, we dine in a small and simple restaurant, or cook something on the grill in the guest house garden.

Package includes

  • Tour manager.
  • For each riding level we offer its own group, so nobody is overloaded and everybody get a maximum of Enduro riding.
  • 6 tour days with 4 riding days, 5 overnight stays with breakfast and dinner.
  • Mechanic service is available for privately owned bikes.
  • Diploma and small present.

Not included

Individual arrival and departure, motorbike, lunch, drinks, personal insurance, travel cancellation cover.

Motorbike Rental

On this tour rental bikes are available. The rental price includes a CDW insurance which covers all damages over 500 EUR (deductible). An option to reduce the deductible of up to 500 EUR to 0 EUR is offered.

Payment by installments

Book now and pay comfortably in installments. If the time of your booking allows at least 2 installments we offer the payment of the tour price by installments. (down payment of 200 EUR and the rest in monthly installments which are collected automatically from your credit card on the 15th of each month)


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