Here you fell like 100 years displaced

Danube Trail / May / 8 days / easy - medium / € 1.180

This tour takes us to Europe’s largest natural reserve and along the pristine coastline of the Black Sea. We travel to three completely different scenic areas during the eight day tour with five riding days.


Starting in Constanta wir get on the first riding day a bit more leisurely pace and ride through fields, meadows and forest to Tulcea, the gateway to the Danube Delta. 

The second riding day of the tour takes us to the Măcin Mountains, the oldest mountain range in Europe, where we are challenged by steep ascents. We have a lot of fun opening the throttle on the slightly sandy surface before reaching the Black Sea. 

On the third day we ride deep into the Delta, where time seems to have stood still for a 100 years. We cross the numerous channels on bridges and ferries, have fish lunch on the banks of the Danube, a shuttle brings us to Sulina and SF Gheorghe where we stay over night.

On the fourth and last riding day of the tour, we ride along the Black Sea coast line into the sunrise before shuttle back out of the deep Delta. We ride into the reed belt of Lake Razim. and on the way back play around in the dry watercourses in the hills behind Tulcea.

On the fitht and last riding days we bike back to Constanta.


The weather conditions in the Delta are very nice all over the year, best time is May - September.


8 tour days, 5 riding days, 1 rest day and 7 overnight stays including breakfast and dinner.

Social Life

Constanta offers a full program of beach, party and restaurants while in the Delta the rest and serenity of this unique landscape impresses.


Airport Bucharest and transfer to the starting and ending point of the trail in Constanta (approximately 200 km, 2 hours) Arriving by car is also a viable option.

Hotel / Food / Family

We have during the whole tour excellent hotel and traditional food of the Danube Delta. This tour is not ideal for accompanying persons.

Package includes

  • Tour Manager.

  • 8 days duration with 5 guided all day tours, 1 rest day and 7 overnight stays inclusive of breakfast and dinner.

  • Mechanic service.

  • Airport transfer Bucharest

  • Luggage transport between the stages

Not included

Individual arrival and departure (airfares), motorbike, lunch, drinks, personal insurance, travel cancellation cover.

Motorbike Rental

On this tour rental bikes are available. The rental price includes a CDW insurance which covers all damages over 500 EUR (deductible). An option to reduce the deductible of up to 500 EUR to 0 EUR is offered.

Payment by installments

Book now and pay comfortably in installments. If the time of your booking allows at least 2 installments we offer the payment of the tour price by installments. (down payment of 200 EUR and the rest in monthly installments which are collected automatically from your credit card on the 15th of each month)


Danube Delta photos:

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