Emerging from passion: Ride Xpower

Ride Xpower was founded in 2002 by Thomas Fasching in order to live out his hobby and his passion for motorbikes. From the beginning the company has organised biking events with adventure as their key theme, and the result is excellent, professionally-organised events which are suitable for every kind of rider.

Over the years the original concept has been developed and applied to other related fields. These days the company's Lifestyle Adventures include events connected to motorcycling, mountain biking and fitness.

Ride Xpower does not operate under any undue commercial pressure, and this makes it possible to realise the ideas which arise from our passion.

The Ride Xpower team has over 30 employees and freelancer. They've all turned their hobby into a job and are fully committed to sharing it with our customers.

The company headquarters is in Salzburg, Austria.


It all began with a Ducati 996, and the TC.P Race Days were born. Twice a year we really go for it at the Pannonia Ring, and not just on the race track itself. The atmosphere is like a MotoGP race, there's plenty of free riding for all-comers and some tasty racing accompanied by grid girls and live commentary on the public address system.


It all starts with a bike again: this time it's a KTM Enduro and the launch of TC.P Adventure Tours in Croatia. An adventure by motorbike, all off-road, uncompromising quality in a cool, relaxed event.


TC.P is a partner of KTM Adventure Tours for Eastern Europe. You can still ride enduro there like it was back in the early days of the sport, true to the motto "Back to the Roots".


The range of KTM Adventure Tours on offer covers tours in three destinations in Romania, Croatia and Bosnia, and there is also a new tour to the Crimea in Ukraine currently being arranged.


The appeal of downhill biking is taken a step further in inimitable TC.P xpower style: helibiking, the ultimate experience. We present Bike Adventure Tours, a new definition of mountain biking.


TC.P becomes a partner of HUSABERG Pure Riding - enduro tours, now Husqvarna.

Our passion created a team of 20 dedicated employees, Adventure is Lifestyle, and the TC.P Lifestyle Camps become a reality.


All TC.P xpower adventures are online available for booking at our own homepage. The Project Lake Baikal, an offroad Enduro expedition to Siberia is the beginn of the Once in your Lifetime Adventures. Adventures you will probably make only one time in your life.


The tour offer is expanded by destinations inTurkey and in Italy. the Once in your Lifetime Adventures are continued by the Project Cappadocia.


Turnover doubled in 2015 and confirmed 2016. Tours in 9 countries, 20 tours in over 40 eventweeks and a fleet of total 50 motorbikes challenge the organizional structure. TC.P xpower becomes Ride Xpower and we created a strong brand with a up to date webpage, facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube presence.


Riding to Jerusalem contienues the Once In You Lifetime Tours project and a tour base in Dubai is also in planning as new tour destinations in Italy, Spain and the UK and the Project Island 2018

We have plans for diversifications and will put big efforts in developping the local agents network as well as the internal quality standards.