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This tour takes us deep into the Hungarian part of Transylvania, north of Sibiu.

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Dracula Trail / August / 7 days / easy - medium / € 995

The Dracula Trail is a 7 day tour with 5 days of riding from Sibiu to Dracula Castle, next to the Hungarian part of Transylvania and then return back to Sibiu.


On the first day of riding we take a comfortable ride through hills and forests to Sighisoara; here it is said that Count Dracula really lived. On the second day of riding we travel through wonderful hilly landscape over dirt roads and through meadows and deep forest to Odorheiu Sec. in the heart of the Szeklerland. The third day of the tour takes us to a plateau in the high Hargita Mountains and we spend most of the day riding in the huge forests; here we may encounter bears or at least come across bear tracks.


On the fourth and last day of riding we ride in the morning a perfect and really challenging hard Enduro track and cross afterwards the Hargita Mountains half the way to Sibiu and will spend the night in Biertan in a historic place. The fitht and last day of riding will bring us back through amazing old oak forests and over soft hills to Sibiu.

This tour is designed so that even novice riders and riders with medium level skills enjoy the tour. For the more advanced riders, we have longer daily stages and some nice hard enduro tracks so that everyone will be happy and tired in the evening.

The daily stages are divided so that we stop for lunch in a local inn and take breaks in between where we can relax and have a snack to rest and refuel our bodies.

The length of the daily stages are dependent on the level of rider skill and can be around 100 to 200 km long. We do provide an alternative route if riders become tired during the ride, either via asphalt road routes to the hotel or taking a seat in the support vehicle.


Easy - Medium.


The best time for the Dracula Trail is May through September.


This tour has a 7 day duration with 5 riding days and 6 overnight stays.

Social Life

Bike - SPA - Eat - Sleep.


Airport Sibiu. Arrival by car is also possible.

Hotel / Food / Family

This tour is not ideal for accompanying persons.

Package includes

  • Tour manager.

  • 7 days' duration with 5 guided all day tours, 6 overnight stays with breakfast and dinner.

  • Mechanic service.

  • Airport transfers Sibiu airport.

  • Luggage transport between the stages.

Not included

Individual arrival and departure (airfares), motorbike, lunch, drinks, personal insurance, travel cancellation cover, motorbike rental.

Motorbike Rental

On this tour rental bikes are available. The rental price includes a CDW insurance which covers all damages over 500 EUR (deductible). An option to reduce the deductible of up to 500 EUR to 0 EUR is offered.

Payment by installments

Book now and pay comfortably in installments. If the time of your booking allows at least 2 installments we offer the payment of the tour price by installments. (down payment of 200 EUR and the rest in monthly installments which are collected automatically from your credit card on the 15th of each month)


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